We all know what it feels like to drown under the pressure of expectations, should and shouldn’ts. I invite you to enter into a different conversation, one that goes beyond what others think is best for you. One that gets to the root of what you know to be vibrancy and health. And, in each of my programs, this begins with the basics: Nourish, Move and Restore.

FitMama Support

I’m sure that this will come as no big surprise, but we 21st century women work longer hours while wearing far more hats than ever before.  And, as we continue to make meals, calculate spread sheets, fold laundry, and say ‘yes’ with a smile on our faces, that elusive work/life balance that is spoken of so often may feel like nothing more than an illusion.

FitMama Training

Just because you have a little one in tow doesn’t mean that you have lost your passion for shaking your tail feathers, feeling your heart pumping, and generally kicking ass. Have no fear FitMama to the rescue. Join me and other moms as we elevate our heart rates, increase our strength and endurance, all while keeping our little ones close by.