FitMama Medicine

I’ve seen it time and again, women are exhausted, overextended, and completely uncertain of how to care for themselves in the same way that they are constantly caring for others.

You’re teetering on a seesaw, precariously balancing between taking care of someone else’s very LOUD needs, and making sure your needs get attention as well.

Lets face it, your needs are usually the first to go out the window when there is a scheduling snafu.

There will never be a shortage of people asking for more – more of your time, more of your energy, more of you. But, if you continue giving without keeping anything for yourself, there will come a day (sooner than you might think) when there will be no more to give.

Forget 9-5, your job as a mom is 24/7, and you need support!

You spent nine months perfecting the little being that you’re now responsible for, which can be overwhelming – to put it mildly.

It’s no big surprise that trying to maintain the role of SuperMama can take a major toll on your health – both physically and mentally.

Postpartum health is more than lab results, and height-weight ratios. Laughter, play, and love are just as important.

That’s where I come in. I’m Dr. Rachel, and after attending medical school I became a primary care physcian in the State of Oregon.

After having a little one of my own, I quickly realized all the areas in which mamas like us needed more support. Out of this grew FitMama Medicine, your one-stop shop for medical support, labs, movement, healthy eating and a much needed dose of FUN.

If your focus is on cosmetic fitness, regardless of how you feel on the inside, then my vibe might not be for you. Health can’t be reduced to physical aptitude – it’s not about how you look in a bikini.

Whatever is a girl to do, now that she’s all grown up?

Not to fear, SUPPORT IS HERE. Ladies, I give you FitMama Medicine. A monthly membership that gives you the tools needed to get you to your healthiest, happiest, smartest, coolest self, because…

Effective postpartum care starts at home, and is about getting you strong enough inside, and out, to be the kickass rockstar we know you are.

Ohhh, tell me more!

Ok, imagine a fellow mama, physician, personal trainer, yogi (yours truly) who had gone to school forever, and wanted to help steer you through the myriad of movement, nutrition, supplement and lab options to keep you functioning at your highest capacity.

Here is your chance to re-establish a healthy balance in a realistic, sustainable way so that you can be the best mother, partner, and self advocate possible.

Your Membership is so much more than just workouts & recipes – although that’s really cool!

You have a doctor on call!

The Details

  • A Zoom Video Consult each month for just you & me to focus on your health and create an individualized plan to help you take over the world, or at least your little section of it:). We work together to create and implement an individual health roadmap to update you to version 2.0. Want to know what it feels like to nourish your body with food, movement and restorative therapy tailored for your specific needs? You can!
  • Mama & Baby workouts…I show you how to move safely (without or without your little) and offer modifications for beginner, intermediate and I’ve got this in my sleep, aka advanced. The best part you have access to these anywhere and anytime.
  • Family Friendly recipes with prep and pics based on the success and failures I’ve experienced in feeding my own kids.
  • Health Resources at your fingertips. Wonder what to do if your kiddo spikes a fever at 2am, how to get an extra hour or two of sleep, or what the difference is between castor oil and fish oil. Well, you get all this info and more on the forum.
  • Text and email support. Have a question that needs answering – don’t get sucked into hours of contradictory research on Google, just shoot me a message.
  • Free attendance to all in person FitMama & Baby workshops
  • Special Discounts offered for online and collaborative workshops
  • Mamas private Facebook group for questions, comments, and camaraderie.
  • All this for only $227/month. No contracts, no cancellation fees, although optimal results come with a minimum of three months of support….you get out what you are willing to put it.

If you’ve already created a list of reasons that this won’t work for you: not enough time, not enough money, not deserving of this much support…Stop and ask yourself whether this might be the very thing you need to make this year of motherhood first the one you’ve always envision.

Because a health, happy mama makes a healthy, happy baby!

Ready to get started? Click here to connect with me and unlock everything that FitMama has to offer.