FitMama (to be) Group

If you’ve landed here you are on your way to living the mom life. I would like to take a moment to say – CONGRATS🎉! It’s an amazing, bumpy, game changing ride.

So what’s this group all about? Simple. It’s about YOU.

If you just got a little uncomfortable, and started listing all the reasons you don’t need, or aren’t worth supporting, I’ve been there. It’s normal, don’t stop reading.

The reality is you need support, cause once you assume the mom title you’re on ALL THE TIME. If you don’t get cozy with making requests and accepting help from your community you’ll miss out on how awesome time with your new little human can be.

In short, I created this group to talk about the underbelly of being a mom, the undeniably good, the unpleasantly bad, and the sometimes ugly world of nursing, sleep training, diapers, potty training, first foods, body changes, sex, anger, joy, depression and everything in between.

Why get the support now, instead of after the baby comes?

1. You have the time now. Once you bring a baby into the world, your time is no longer your own, and your schedule is more of a wish list than a reality.

2. I’m not saying it’s either/or.

I’m a HUGE advocate for support now and later!

It’s about putting some pieces into place BEFORE welcoming your new bundle of joy, so that you have a roadmap in your pocket to turn to when the battery dies on your phone and you can no longer rely on Siri to guide your way.

Dr. Rachel is amazing. Her positivity and dedication has meant so much to me as I continue to find my balance as a new mom. After months of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, Rachel has helped me to start to trust in what my body can do again. Thank you! – CM


🖤 You, me and five other mamas meet every other week via Zoom video chat for 75 minutes.

🖤 Kiddos are welcome to run around in the background, if this isn’t your first rodeo.

🖤 Bathrobes, PJ’s or dirty workout clothes are encouraged attire.

🖤 We talk, we vent, there’s support, and you get the practical tools to start to change the ratio of high to low points so that the odds are in your favor.

🖤 There’s a super secret closed FB group for chatting outside of our scheduled calls.

🖤 You get a login and password to my FitMama Forum, where you can access pre & postnatal workouts, quick healthy recipes, and mama specific resources galore.

All access pass for $127/month. Just fill out the form below to get started.