According to my mom, I had the kick of a soccer player in utero, chose to start with walking instead of crawling, (‘cause I had places to be), and was a gastronome early on, refusing to even entertain the idea of bottle-feeding. 

Fast forward 22 years, I am receiving my BA in cultural anthropology from Colby College, and  choosing between medical schools. Would I choose door A, and attend the prestigious medical school that had accepted me, or choose door B, and pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine. A healthcare approach whose tenets had seen me through a very challenging time in my own life. Once I was able to get my ego out of the way the decision made itself, and I moved westward to attain my license in naturopathic medicine.

Which brings us to present day, where I have the privilege of showing up to work and helping my patients reclaim their health and live the life they’ve envisioned. The one that they shared with others when asked, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. I’m willing to bet that most of us have lost sight of this somewhere along the way. And, while we may not be in a position to live out dreams of becoming fairy princesses, we can, and should be excited about the world we have created for ourselves.

For me the dream is being a FitMama.


Fitness is different for every person that walks through my door. For some, it means being able to keep up with their little one on the playground. For others, it means finally finishing the triathlon that they’ve always wanted to complete.


In the simplest of terms this can be defined as a female parent. You could be a mother, a step-mother, a mother to be, a pet mother, or a woman learning to love and nurture herself.  If you identify with being a mama then you are in the right place.

Over the years I have found that each patient’s vision of health is unique, like a fingerprint. I am continually inspired, surprised and challenged by what each person who walks into my office has been through, and where they intend to go. I welcome big dreams, endless imagination and humor.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy seeking out new physical and culinary adventures with my husband, our three awesome kids and Jane the dog. And, if I’m needing some alone time, I hop on my bike and ride away into the sunset…


A little more about me

I put sea salt on almost everything, I love talking in accents, I often crack myself up, if I could find a way to live in yoga pants and my dad’s old soccer hoodie I might, I am an obsessive coupon user, my favorite coffee creation consists of frozen banana, cinnamon, cold press coffee, cocoa powder and almond butter, I’m addicted to the New York Times crossword puzzle, I could eat sweet potato fries everyday, I bring my lunch to work in a robot lunch box, I love to dance in the living room, the movie that I have watched more than any other is Pride & Prejudice, and the biggest adventure that I have undertaken to date is finding my partner, Jason.